Downtime 2/9/24

It looks like our hosting provider is having issues, not sure at the moment when this will be resolved. They are working on it but depending on the root cause it could be a lengthy recovery. Rest assured the database is safe so if we need to jump to a different provider or something nothing will be lost except the existing job processing queues. I'll keep this post updated with info as I get it


Disk issues have forced an early migration to a new server which is currently underway, still no ETA but the fix is in the works at least

UPDATE 2/10/24:

It looks like the migration is complete, everything should be up and running again. Sorry for the unexpected downtime, the new server should be more stable. (⁠☞⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ͜⁠ʖ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠)⁠☞