Uh Oh!

You might currently be noticing that mecha.garden is down. Rest assured it is indeed down and it is indeed my fault sort of.

A confluence of circumstances involving SSL certificate renewal and hosting provider server migrations has rendered the postgres server kaput due to an issue currently out of my control. I don't really have an ETA right now on when it will be resolved, so check back here regularly as when I find anything out I will edit this post :(

EDIT: Dec 3, 2023

We're back in action. The root cause was that I restarted the postgres box after renewing the SSL cert, but the VPS wasn't able to restart because of an issue the provider (Capsul) was/is experiencing with IP address provisioning relating to a hardware migration. The issue had to be resolved manually by an admin so it took a while before anyone could get to it. Really this was just a perfect storm that resulted in a relatively lengthy downtime, and I don't think there was really anything I could have done differently other than simply not needing to renew a cert at the same time that Capsul was experiencing networking issues.